Frequently asked questions


How do I buy tickets?

ONLINE (All Events) AT THE DOOR (Some Events) Every event listed on this website offers (and may require) online ticket purchase. For some events, there will be door admission with variable pricing. See specific events for details.

Can I exchange my tickets?

NO. Nxlevel Lifestyle & Entertainment Group has a strict no-exchange policy. Once a ticket to an event has been purchased, you will not be able to substitute it for any other event. All sales are final.

Can I be refunded?

NO. All sales are final. Nxlevel Lifestyle & Entertainment Group has a strict no-refund policy.

I lost my online ticket what do i do?

ALTERNATIVE FACTS. Online tickets cannot be lost because the information is stored electronically. Simply have your valid ID on you the day of the event to verify that you purchased tickets. Remember, the tickets must be in your name.

What is considered a valid ID?

SEE BELOW: An active, state-issued, driver’s license with your visible photo and legible name and date of birth. A military ID with your visible photo and legible name and date of birth.


How do VIP Cabanas, Lounges and Tables work?

Purchase cabanas, lounges and tables Online – same rules and policies as online tickets apply here. All table attendees should arrive together and have valid ID

What comes with VIP Access?

THIS WILL VARY PER EVENT. See specific event for details on accommodations and specific number of guests included with table purchase.

Can I get extra people in my section/table?

Each table/section package allows for a set number of individuals in a section. If you have additional individuals beyond that set number who you would like in your section, those individuals would have to purchase individual tickets to the event and enter through the normal line for access to the venue. Additionally, access to individuals beyond the set number into the section will be at the discretion of The Capital City Group management and venue staff/security.


Why is there a line if i purchased a ticket?

There are hundreds of people attending these events. Keeping everyone safe requires security checks by venue staff or hired security. Additionally, each guest must present ID and verify his/her ticket purchase. Keeping ID out at all times helps tremendously with the movement of lines. Early arrival is always encouraged.

Can I pay to skip the lines?

IT DEPENDS. For our DAY PARTY EVENT ONLY…you will most likely be able to pay a variable cost to access the event via a shorter line. (see specific events for details). Please keep in mind that admission priority will ALWAYS be given to those who have purchased tickets in advance. Prices for skip-line admission may increase incrementally as time progresses. All Sales Are Final (regardless of the time you enter the venue).

TIP: Keep ID Out

AS YOU ENTER LINE. KEEP YOUR ID OUT! Having your ID out at all times and being cooperative with venue security helps both you and all other attendees. The process moves so much faster. Remember, there’s no need to print out tickets (it’s all in the cloud). Just show your ID to verify.

TIP: Arrive Early

CARPOOL & GET THERE EARLY Arriving to events early is always better in order to decrease your wait time in line. While doors may not open until a certain time, being there early makes the process smoother for you and other attendees. Parking may be limited depending on the venue, so ride-share services like Uber and Lyft are strongly encouraged.

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